Friday, July 17, 2009

Painted Desert = Color Palette

I must apologize for slacking off on posting lately. When I have house guests, or go on vacation (as I have this past month or so) I tend to push the blog to the back burner.

Anyway, the past week I've been road tripping it from LA to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park (in Utah) and finally wrapping things up in the city of Sin, Las Vegas. Along the way, we passed through the Painted Desert and Red Rock Country and over Lake Powell. The views in all of these places are incredible. They are topped only by the colors found sitting unexpectedly next to one another in nature.

The reds, browns, and mauve of the Grand Canyon play off of the shocking blue of the sky. The tan, yellows, pinks, and oranges of the Painted Desert provide an earthy base palette for the not-too-far-off turquoise and hot orange of Lake Powell. Finally, the coral pinks and brown-based oranges found in southern Utah make for an interesting juxtaposition against the deep blues and greens of the rivers flowing through the base of the canyon.
Every shade of every color is represented in those famous desert sunsets, with the gorgeous hot pink, orange, blue, and gold you wonder why, typically, we restrict ourselves to these color choices in summertime only. A slew of designers have embraced the bold colors found in the desert throughout the fall and winter seasons, both past and present, from Versace to Isabel Toldedo, Pucci and Christian Louboutin.

Perhaps you too will combine the unique colors nature throws together as these designers have and come up with a truly new style of your own creation!

Your Golden Girl,

Images courtesy of, Versace,, Pucci and Christian Louboutin


  1. Trading links is when you add each others blogs to your blogroll...i've added you:). Love this post btw those blue fringed louboutins are amaaaazing xx

  2. those electric blue shoes are pretty fantastci!
    i really like your blog!
    please please visit mine soon -

    sophie x

  3. I find shoes with fringes very unattractive, but the color looks great. Well some people like them, some dont..

  4. I'm torn too. I hate those open toed sandal boots with the fringe so many girls are wearing now, or golf shoes with wing tips. Yuck! But, I love the Louboutins in this case because they're a fabulous spin on Native American stylings, which fits with the American West theme. I think it depends completely upon the wearer and the occassion.


  5. Lovely article, and I like the fashion theme running alongside the gorgeous images!