Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hot Hot Heat

I know I'm a week late on this post, but you'll have to forgive has taken me nearly a week to recover from the desert madness that is Coachella. 

I begin my Coachella countdown for the next year the second I leave Empire Polo Field.  This year I went with a big group of friends and had a ton of fun.  We even got the V.I.P. hook-up thanks to one of my friends working at Warner Brothers Records. Woot-woot! Although I do have to say the only thing V.I.P. has over general admission is that you don't have to wait in such a long line for a bathroom.  Also, they have toilet paper.  I think you could force me to pee behind a tree and I would still have fun at Coachella, though. 

My hair was worn in a side braid the entire time, and I stuck to cotton fabrics.  You really want to do everything to stay cool amid 90+ temperatures.  It was the first time I've gone for all three days, and it may have been the last.  Not that I didn't see amazing bands everyday, but by the end of Sunday I practically had to be carried to the car.  Three straight days of desert climates and dancing with hippies should probably be restricted to one weekend per year anyway.

I was so disappointed I didn't get to see Vampire Weekend, but here are my Top 5 Favorite Coachella Performances of 2010:

1.) Atoms for Peace - Thom Yorke, I love you.  Le sigh.

2.) Tiesto - Thank you to my techno-loving friends for introducing me to this amazing DJ!

3.) Hot Chip - The first time I saw them was at Coachella two years ago, and they're better everytime I catch them in concert.  In a few years they'll be headliners.

4.) Gossip - I closed my eyes and I was in a disco in 1970's New York.  I ask for nothing else.

5.) Phoenix - In addition to playing an amazing set, the energy in the audience was so happy.  A great way to wrap up the festival.

Coachella 2010 Photo Essay:


What an amazing experience.  I'm sad it's over but excited for the next one! 

Your Golden Girl,


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Friday, April 9, 2010

Fundred Dollar Bill Project

The Fundred Dollar Bill Project is a participant-driven art project designed to bring attention to cleaning up the lead found in soils in New Orleans. 

The lead found in these soils contributes to learning disabilities and behavioral problems found among school-age children.  While this is a problem all over the United States, it is particularly devastating in New Orleans. 

The goal is to get 300,000,000 "fundreds" (created by students, parents, teachers, and anybody else that wants to particpate) sent into the project.  This brings attention to the clean-up work being done by Operation Paydirt,  which costs about $300,000,000. 

I love that this project isn't asking for money.  They just want people to informed of a problem and to contribute in their own way, through art.  It's so easy, you can print the blank fundreds from your own computer and make copies for your friends.  I even made an example of my own Fundred.  I had to draw my cat because I'm a really terrible artist and my humans always end up looking like Michael Jackson for some reason. 

So, remember how I said it was easy?  Just go print some of these out, force your friends and children to draw their own, send them in, and pat yourself on the back for being a nice person that does nice things.

Your Golden Girl,


Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Farmer's Daughter

The other day, Martha Stewart hosted her annual Chicken Show.  When I first saw the episode saved in my DVR, I nearly deleted it because as a vegetarian, I have no use for an hour of chicken recipes.  However, I tuned in and I'm glad I did.  It was about the return to popularity of pet chickens!  

After watching the clips, you'll fall in love with these adorable animals too.  I'm so jealous of people that don't live in a city right now (first time ever!).  Not only are pet chickens great for keeping your garden healthy and providing chemical-free eggs, they make a charming addition to any yard.  Think of the chirps!  If I had a patch of grass, chickens would be roosting all over the place among the wildflowers.  Especially Polish ones with the little feather hats.  How cute are they?  Make sure before delving into buying any animal you research and make sure you're ready to provide them with the time and resources for a good home. 

Of course, living the simple life requires staple wardrobe items.  You can't just go collecting eggs dressed like any other farm dwelling bumpkin.  You've got to bring the style wherever your eccentricities take you. 

First up, you will need some boots.  Tall to keep your feet dry, and leather so they'll wash off easily and actually look better the more you tromp through the mud and destroy them.  Oh yeah, they will also probably be ruined.  So, buy a used pair and don't spend more than $100.  It can be done!  Check  out the local vintage shops in the town square area near your homestead.  I found these on Etsy, in Evangeline08's shop.  They're still up for grabs...

After the feet, it is important to protect your head.  Please do not buy yourself a straw fedora for this purpose.  While very cute for tucking your hair under at the beach, it does not really protect your face and head from the sun.  You could go with a wide-brimmed floppy hat but you run the risk of looking like Sienna Miller circa 2003.  I suggest a Panama hat.  JCrew has fabulous ones right now.

Overalls = Never OK.  No farmer's daughter is properly dressed unless she's wearing her gingham and calico finest.  Designers like Anna Sui, Paul and Joe Sister, Lover, and Marc Jacobs know this all too well and have excellent options for city girls transitioning to the country (or just planting a flower in a pot and deciding that means you need a new dress).

Finally, you'll need to find yourself a leather satchel.  Something good for tossing all of your farmhand odds and ends into.  With a long strap to wear across your chest in case you end up needing to use your hands for some chore.  Again, search local vintage stores for the best find.  But wouldn't you just D-I-E to toss feed from the inside of this Burberry loveliness?

Happy farming/flowering/spring!

Your Golden Girl,


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