Saturday, January 7, 2012

In The Land of Milk and Honey

Allow me to share with you a longwinded story from my misguided youth...  

Once upon a time I was a third grader.  One day in class we were given a "biography" assignment.  The task was to select someone that we admired, get approval from our teacher, research the subject and put together a report as if we were the character.  The final project was to be presented in front of the entire class in full character, including costume.  Naturally, all I heard was costume and really only cared about how jaw dropping I could make my ensemble.  

However, being that I was small and brown my choices were seriously hindered in the doppleganger department.  I turned to my mom for help to find a legendary lady I could pass for.  My parents, knowing my obsession with glamour and the pranksters that they are, suggested a plethora of feisty women throughout history.  Mata Hari, Mae West and Billie Holiday were all nixed by my teacher.  Apparently espionage, innuendos and drug overdoses were not suitable topics for third graders.  At the last minute, my mom gave me a book about Cleopatra.  I rejoiced that there were brown Queens after all! - then set out to absorb everything I could about the famous leader - and of course, planning my outfit. 

One of my favorite things about Cleopatra was her attention to detail.  From her hair to her jewels to the way she was carried into rooms on her throne, biographers are in agreement that she never missed an opportunity to turn heads.  People still talk about how she did her eyeliner, okay?  That is pretty glam.  I was also disgusted to learn that she bathed in camel milk.  Remember, this was back in the third grade...although, that is still kind of gross.

Fast forward to twelve years later and oh look, there I am in some expensive beauty shop guessed it.  Milk and honey bath solution.  Thankfully there was nothing with camel by-products, but I still wanted something with ingredients I could pronounce and decided to mix up something myself, just like Cleopatra would have had her minions do.  While researching how to make my own milk and honey bath, I discovered that milk baths use alpha hydroxy acid (found in lactic acid) to dissolve the proteins which hold together skin cells.  Translation: it exfoliates your skin and makes fresh skin cells visible.  The combination of milk and honey also helps to relax your muscles, leaving you feeling calm yet really invigorated.  

I found some recipes online and modified them a bit.  This recipe is very soothing and feels super luxurious, but is actually beyond simple and cheap to make.
Lavender-Honey Milk Bath Recipe

Dried lavender flowers*
6 cups whole milk
2 cups water
1/2 cup honey
5-6 droplets lavender oil
5-6 droplets tea tree or chamomile oil
1 tsp. epsom bath salts

*If you can, pick wild lavender and dry it out a few days ahead of time by laying the flowers flat in a dry room.  Otherwise, dried lavender flowers can be found in the spice section of gourmet and specialty stores.  Put in however many you'd like: the more you add, the stronger the scent of lavender will be.

Whisk together lavender, oils, milk, water, bath salts and honey in a large bowl.  The salts will sink to the bottom with the honey if it sits too long, so immediately pour the mixture into a jar with a lid. Add a ribbon and label if you're feeling crafty. 

Before each use, shake the jar and pour the mixture into the bath. Store covered in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Makes enough for 2-3 baths, or 4 foot soaks. 

I've yet to fashion my own kohl eyeliner or sarcophagus headpiece.  

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